Could Omicron have peaked in some countries — and if so — what are the implications for the US? Lets take a look at a few charts:

The UK looks to have peaked on cases, but fatalities are still climbing — and generally very high for this country. …

After a tough start to the year, 2021 held the promise of vaccine rollout and reduced cases and fatalities. That worked really well as vulnerable people got vaccinated and eventually vaccines became available for all. …

WHO global data shows the following data for new cases — basically virtually matching the peak from April / May (driven out of India and South East Asia). Notice how the green portion of the chart is growing significantly — which is Europe.

See the following news headline from this week:

Germany announced severe restrictions on unvaccinated people, banning them from nonessential stores, recreational venues, and more.

Merkel announced the measures after a meeting with federal and state leaders, as the nation again topped 70,000 newly confirmed cases in a 24-hour period. She said the steps were necessary to address concerns…

Julian Fry

I’ve always been logically driven. I like to think I look at things broadly and draw observations that may not be represented by main stream media.

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