US Makes Great Progress in Case Reduction and Vaccination

Julian Fry
3 min readFeb 6, 2021

Great news, US case levels are now back to pre Thanksgiving levels. That is a welcome reduction — and with no major public holiday events coming up soon, this new trend should continue. Also, this week, it has been reported that number of people hospitalized with COVID has reduced below 100,000 for the first time since Thanksgiving.

Also more people have received at least one dose of vaccine than have tested positive for COVID. The US has vaccinated 29m people! This compares to 26m people who have tested positive

Since cases typically jump around holiday events — the next event to prepare for is the school / university spring break period — which is typically 2nd week of March. In the meantime lets hope for another month of continued case reduction.

Where in America?

Compare my chart below with that on previous blog posts. Certainly a more continued, broad based reduction in cases. Arizona is no longer the top spot for new cases (well done Arizona). The top spots now are Texas, and South Carolina.

Arizona still takes the #1 spot for highest level of current fatalities

A quick look at the Dakotas

South Dakota has now reduced the caseload to very acceptable levels. Current fatalities at 4.1. per million per day are not in the acceptable range yet — but are far below the 30 per million per day at the peak. Just look at the trend. New cases now are 1/10th of those from November 12th!

North and South Dakota are in the top 5 of states who have administered the highest percentage of vaccines that have been delivered to them.

Wrong way messaging in Texas

Texas is still on the climb — both for cases and fatalities. Ted Cruise — Senator for Texas needs to step things up there.

May the good news keep coming!

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