US Cases by State. Outlook — The best year for Mardi Gras since 2019!

Julian Fry
3 min readFeb 12, 2022


What a difference a couple of weeks makes. Here is the current map of the US for cases. Notice very few hotspots. Only 4 states have more than 1,000 new cases per million of population per day. Tennessee is one of the four; the others are Alaska; Mississippi and West Virginia.

And here’s the same chart from Jan 31st. That’s quite some improvement:

Its not surpising then to see most states with this kind of a curve:

Or this:

So lets look at the remaining outliers. Tennessee may still be high — but it has improved a lot (for cases):

Hospital capacity is still very low in TN — sub 10%. Still no time to schedule those elective procedures.

Mississippi has a very high rate of fatalities (it leads the nation); almost twice that per capita as Tennessee

West Virgina has also improved; but is still relatively high — and fatalities are increasing:

Mardi Gras is on!

Get your party on — Louisiana has definitely brought its numbers down. Get your booster on and party like its 2019 (pre covid) again!

Looks like we are done with the Omicron wave with respect to cases; February may be tough in places for fatalities and stressed hospital capacity — but the outlook is definitely positive.

Is all this good news, and back to normalcy, the reason for the high gas prices and inflation in general?

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