US and World Crests the Omicron wave for CASES but not yet for fatalities

Julian Fry
3 min readFeb 12, 2022


The US case curve is looking a lot better and a number of states are saying “NO MORE RESTRICTIONS”. Still the fatality curve is very high and persistent. February will be another tough month for fatalities. Average daily deaths in the US are about 2,300.

Most of the rest of the world has also crested the wave

There’s a lot of good news below — but in aggregate thisis reflected in the WHO Global Stats — which clearly show a reduction in cases. Week of Jan 24th reported 24 million cases (the high bar) — most recent number is closer to 7 million.

The UK has peaked — but seems to be plateauing at still a relatively high level of cases. The fatality curve is bending.

India seemed to barely register an Omicron wave. The most recent peak is less than a 10th of other Omicron impacted countries. Why?

Italy had a slower ramp up and a slower ramp down for cases. Still struggling with a persistently high level of daily deaths

Germany looks to have only recently just begun it’s Omicron wave

Which is similar to some eastern europe countries including Russia and Ukraine:

Enough of the pictures — lets look at the tables. Denmark continues to lead the world for cases — but take into consideration — it’s a small population — smaller than Tennessee!:

South America

South America generally experienced a shorter curve. Is that because they are in their summer or are other factors at work — such as vaccination rates; testing protocols etc

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