TN — Governor Lee — from Executive Order to number 1 for new COVID cases in 16 days

Gotta hand it to the Governor — he knows how to get things done. From executive order #84 allowing parents to circumvent mask rules of schools to # 1 in the country for new cases per capita took just 16 days. Seriously — where is the accountability. Make your voice heard.

Tennessee is now the #1 state for new cases of COVID — expressed per capita. I oculd not be more disappointed. Just for comparison — that’s 5x higher than Vermont.

With growth like that, its no wonder that fatalities are sharply rising

153,000 new covid cases in August; 740 deaths

4x as many people died in August as July.

I called it at the time. Governor Lee you have a blatant disregard for the pandemic risks and the data. We are in unchartered territory for a pandemic precisely because you — and leaders like you — evidently have no clue what you are doing.

Do you think this pandemic respects your political philosphy? Think again. Your job is to protect people in a pandemic, lead by example, and manage hospital capacity. FAIL; FAIl; FAIL

Its not too late to be the leader that people need to address this pandemic

Originally published at on September 2, 2021.



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Julian Fry

I’ve always been logically driven. I like to think I look at things broadly and draw observations that may not be represented by main stream media.