Not just California: Tennessee has the highest COVID caseload per capita in the country

Julian Fry
2 min readJan 10, 2021

There’s a lot of media attention on Los Angeles Country, CA — and rightly so. However what may not have received adequate attention is that Tennessee:

  • leads the nation in per capita caseload,
  • #4 in the nation for current fatality rates.
  • #4 in the nation for new cases per capita

Per the charts below, Tennesse actually has more new cases per million (7 day average) than California. Amost 1200 new cases per million per day. California is around 1,000 new cases per million per day.

Check out the growth rate of the chart. We are at a vastly more dangerous time than at any time prior — but I don’t really get any sense that people have corresponsingly increased their vigilence. Quite the opposite — covid fatigue is a real thing. But I’d rather deal with covid fatigue than covid.

2,300 people died in TN of COVID in December alone.

What can you do to stop the spread?

Interesting data point — of the population of 6.7m there have been 628,000 positive covid test results. That’s close to 10% of the population. That’s #6 in the country.

One has to assume that many more people have had it than sought testing for it. So that starts to get to the point where the lack of new ‘hosts’ for the virus may actually start to slow things down. I’m not an epidemiologist — so that’s just a lay persons view.

But the solution to slowing the spread is SO EASY.

Wear a mask, social distance etc. How can it be so hard?

At this point wearing a mask should be no different than wearing a seat belt.

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