Louisiana, Florida; Arkansas and Missouri have worryingly high fatality rates

Julian Fry
3 min readAug 11, 2021

Its almost back to the 2020 year end peak for these states. Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi; South Carolina and Oregon have all set record numbers for new COVID cases this month!

All numbers expressed per capita for comparison purposes.

Louisiana has eclipsed this year’s peak in average daily cases. Not surprisingly fatalities are sharply rising

Florida has a 4x larger population than Louisiana — which likely means pressure on hospital capacity once again. Over 20,000 new cases per day are being recorded — a new COVID peak for the state; and unfortunately an average of 141 deaths per day.

Arkansas — almost same level of per capita fatalities as Florida.

Missouri — appears to be slowing the rate of new cases; but fatalities still at a very high level

By comparison — some states that seem to be holding it together

Tennessee — cause for concern:

Adding this state, as its my home state:

Davidson county also sharply rising

Return to school starts soon.

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