Global Covid round up 6–11–21. Get your US travel on!!

Julian Fry
3 min readJun 12, 2021


A quick look at the global covid status hows that India has successfully brought its COVID numbers down; but South America remains the worst hit continent — using official WHO numbers. Mongolia is also trending higher — with currently 300 cases per million per day (but based off a low overall population of approximately 4m).

US News

Across the US — the vaccination impact is showing clearly. All states are at very low levels for new covid cases.

Fatalities have still not fully come down in Michigan; West Virginia or Georgia — but should do so very soon based on the current case data

Perhaps the best way to show the solid improvement across the whole US — is a stat I was tracking since early COVID which is the ‘worst counties’ in America list. Today there are only 4 counties on the list. In late December 2020 there were 572

The critiera is population greater than 100,000 and new cases per million greater than 200. Here are the 4 counties.

Mesa County, Colorado — 363 cases per million per day

Greene County, Missouri — 222

Webb County, Texas — 1294

Bell County, Texas — 864

With numbers this low across the US, travel season is back! Get out there and visit a National Park…. we did just recently and they have never appeared to be more popular

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