Europe leads new case surge; UK sets the standard; US Plateaus; Brazil falters

UK — vaccine experience shows success

US — starting to plateau — not yet at target

US has made great progress since January 1st. But notice that the cases, and fatality rate have levelled off at still too high a level. We are still looking at an average of 63,000 cases per day and 1000 deaths.

Where is the growth in the US?

Pretty much the same as last week. Michigan continues to lead the recent explosion in new cases

Michigan: almost at the level of Thanksgiving

Brazil has worst month of the crisis so far

With the concerns growing about new variants, Brazil recorded its worst month of the crisis. Over 2m cases were recorded in March and over 60,000 deaths. That’s more than double the prior month level of deaths.



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Julian Fry

Julian Fry


I’ve always been logically driven. I like to think I look at things broadly and draw observations that may not be represented by main stream media.