Delta spreads to more states; Nevada has highest fatality rate but overall US fatalities remain low and the market is rising

Julian Fry
2 min readJul 24, 2021


Over 500 cases per million per day in Louisiana

Louisiana hasn’t missed out on any spike in COVID.

In absolute numbers Florida is recording the most new covid cases:

Nevada at 2.8 fatalities per million per day — leading the country

The net effect of this is pulling up the US average for cases. US average for fatalities remains good:

Here’s the fatality daily average per capita for the US

The UK may be leading the path the US follows

Louisiana is looking a lot like the UK — which recently announced Freedom Day — albeit with large growth in Delta. Fatalities still very low and lets hope they stay that way. One way or another the UK is putting vaccine efficacy to test.

The markets like the low fatality rate

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