COVID Country Comparisons: How the US compares to other countries

Julian Fry
3 min readSep 20, 2021

Many countries are delivering better results on COVID than the US. What can we learn from that? Clearly we are doing something wrong!

Lets start with the big picture on the US. We see average daily deaths at 10.5 per million per day in Dec/Jan period — and currently on a significant upswing.

Here’s the more recent period in close up. We’re at the highest levels of daily deaths since March 1st this year.

Europe — significantly improving:

Average daily fatalities are 1/12th that of the US. Cases are less than one quarter.

France: a very similar story to Germany.


UK — similar case levels to the US; fewer (but rising) fatalities

South America is significantly improving

Its time for a long hard look at how we are handling this in the US. Compared to many countries we are doing a poor job. In August and September (to date) over 50,000 people died in the US from COVID. Its time for more action not less.

Here are thumbnails for the top 30 countries by total number of deaths from COVID. This is a bit of an experiment to find the best way of visualizing these dashboards.

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