A Personal Summer of Covid

Julian Fry
3 min readAug 1, 2022


Summer 2022 is my own personal summer of COVID. Within a one week period — all of us got hit with the virus with vastly different outcomes. My 12 year old breezed through it; I had to take 3 days off work to rest up and deal with concurrent sickness for both adults.

Add in a beautiful new puppy to the mix and it was EXHAUSTING. (who can resist the puppy though!)

Thankfully 1 month later we’re all about back to normal energy levels — but getting to that point does take a while.

From the statistics point of view — I’m not in them. Home tested multiple times — I didn’t need to go to the doctors. I’m fortunate that I could work remotely as soon as I felt able. So that’s probably pretty much the case for many households — which means that the numbers we see below are likely under reported by a significant margin.

That’s about 3.5m new positive cases in July — and 10,000 deaths in the US. That’s sharply down from the 20m cases recorded in January — but still a significant number. I’m conviced summer camps are the big spreader (that’s where my daughter picked it up).

Across the US hotspots are shown below. What happens in Vegas is not likely staying in Vegas.

However — across the country fatality levels are mostly under 2 fatalities per million per day with a few exceptions that are shown on the map. Probably getting to a level where most people don’t judge the risk to be high and as such I rarely see anyone wearing masks these days.

New Mexico looks high from a fatalities perspective — and possibly experiencing hospital strain:

Florida has a steadily rising fatality curve:

Here’s Florida’s most recent monthly totals: 307,000 new cases and ~1,800 fatalies in July (to July 29th).

Conclusion: This current strain is so viral that catching it is probably inevitable — especially if you haven’t had it before and your last boost was more than 6 months ago.

Be careful — and if you have complicating conditions BOOST UP and MASK UP.

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